Most people can have tighter and fuller buttocks in about an hour and be back to work in just days.

Brazilian Butt Lift - Buttock Fat Implant


Brazilian Butt Lift Dr. Studin New York & Long Island

Brazilian Butt Lift - Buttock Enlargement with Fat

Despite a quest to be thin almost everywhere else, buttocks that are round full and shapely are more and more popular.

Unfortunately, this procedure has been identified as a very high risk procedure after many complications were reported in the literature.  These complications, sometimes fatal, even occurred in the hands of board-certified, experienced plastic surgeons! Therefore, Dr. Studin will only perform this procedure to help someone with an extreme deformity, where the risks are worth the benefit.


Less Trauma

Tumescent low-pressure liposuction involves less trauma to the tissues and longer-lastig results. Dr. Studin has used this technique for many years.

Less Discomfort

A long-acting local anesthetic is used to decrease the need for pain medicine. Dr. Studin's system is designed to stop the pain BEFORE it happens.

Less Time

Buttock enhancement usually takes about an hour. In most cases, you are out and about in a few days, looking great. The procedure and the recovery are short.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the incisions for a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift is done by taking fat from other areas and strategically transplanting it to fill the loose or empty areas of the buttocks. There are small dot-like incisions where you take the fat from and where you place it. Usually, these are not objectionable.

Are there actual implants used?

Brazilian Butt Lift is done by taking your own fat from somewhere that you have extra, and transplanting it to the deficient area in the buttocks. This is all accomplished with your own natural tissue.