Breast Implant Incisions

Peri-Areolar breast implant incision, Inframammary breast implant incision, Axillary breast implant incision or TUBA trans umbilical breast implant incision?

Peri-areolar incision

PeriAreolar Breast Implant Incision

There are several real advantages to using an peri-areolar incision.

  • The incision is around the edge of the areola.  The nipple is not touched.
  •  You rarely see a visible scar if you cut your lip, you always do on your cheek. The areola  heals like lip.  The scar is almost always barely visible.
  •  The nerve that gives feeling to the nipple comes from the area of the armpit and goes down towards the nipple. This incision avoids that path. Loss of feeling is extremely rare.
  •  Your armpit and the fold under the breast can be visible in a bikini. The edge of your areola  is never visible  unless you are completely topless.

Axillary Breast Implant Incision

To avoid an incision on the breast some people request an incision in the armpit known as the axillary incision. First, it does not seem logical to me to move the breast implant incision to an area that is frequently exposed so people can see it.  In a bathing suit or sleeveless top these incisions will be plainly visible.

 The more important reason however, is that the nerve that gives feeling to the nipple comes from your spine. It is called the fourth intercostal nerve. That nerve follows the fourth rib  right around through your armpit. It is my experience that while losing feeling in the nipple is extremely rare elsewhere, it is not rare with the axillary incision. Therefore, this is not an incision that I recommend.


Under The Fold - Inframammary Breast Implant Incision


Some think under the fold or the Inframammary incision is desirable. Usually I do not think it is best. Raise your arms and the incisions are visible in many bikini tops. When you lay down, they incisions are VERY visible.

TUBA Breast Implants - Through The Belly Button

Surgeons that do the TUBA breast implant would have you think that it is technically very difficult. It is not. I do not think that implants placed through the belly button are a good idea for the following reasons.

  • Silicone implants cannot be placed via the belly button. Only inflatable saline breast implants can be used during TUBA.
  • Proper placement difficult since the surgeon is working so far away from the breast.
  • The nice curve at the bottom of the breast is not as able to be controlled to a great result.
  • Bleeding is not easily controlled during surgery. 
  • Greater risk of damage to the implant during surgery.
  • Risk of v-tracks on the skin of the abdomen.