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Dr. Studin has spent decades perfecting his approach to breast implant surgery and even has a patent on his invention to shorten recovery, reduce discomfort and help prevent scarring.
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Breast Implants Wednesday Work Monday For Most.

Fast recovery techniques allow almost all patients to return to work or other activities only days after having breast implants.

Pain and A Long Recovery Are No Longer A Reason To Worry About Breast Implant Surgery .

In the past, breast augmentation involved pain and a long recovery. Advances have nearly eliminated the pain for most and recovery is remarkably short… just days. 

Breast augmentation is performed as an out patient in Dr. Studin’s accredited surgical facility. It is done while lightly asleep and takes only about half an hour! In a few hours you are back home. If you prefer, hotel accommodations are right across the street.
The incisions are usually around the areola, although occasionally it is recommended to use the fold beneath the breast. The axillary or arm pit incision and the TUBA (trans- umbilical breast augmentation) will be explained in your consultation.  The implants are almost always placed beneath the chest muscle called sub pectoral breast implants. This is better for future mammograms with your breast implants and a better look and feel.

Small breasts can be very distressing. In most cases, the patients we see don’t want to have “Big” breast implants. It is more about having the right size breasts to fit their body and clothing.

An in depth consultation is very important as there are many things to discuss. Breast implant topics to talk about with Dr. Studin include; implant size, different size breasts, over or under the muscle, textured breast implants, shaped breast implants, Gummy Bear Implants, teardrop implants, breast implant incisions and much more. A great deal of time is spent in selecting the size and shape implant that will provide best fit. 

Silicone gel implants are now much more popular than saline implants, but this is an individual decision and both are available.

Pain and recovery are now minimal. All of these topics and more will be explained by Dr. Studin in your free consultation.

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Breast Implant FAQ's

Silicone or Saline Breast Implants?

Silicone and saline breast implants are actually both made of the same silicone outer shells. Therefore, they are both actually silicone. The difference is the filling material. Today,  in my experience, silicone implants are much more popular for cosmetic surgery.  Silicone and saline implants look the same and weigh the same.  The difference is that silicone implants are softer and  it is much more difficult  to feel the implant. In most cases, the breast feels more natural.

After almost 15 years of studying these implants, the FDA released them again in November 2006. It was concluded that silicone implants did not cause the diseases they were suspected of causing.

Click here for much more in depth information on this.


Breast Implant Incisions

All of the different breast implant incisions have pros and cons. The best decision for you is only possible if you spend a few minutes to understand what they really are. While there are usually no answers here that are totally right or totally wrong, having placed an estimated 5,000 breast implants, I will do my best to give you the the issues and best choices as I see them. 

  • The sub mammary breast implant incision is in the fold under the breast. 
  • The peri-areolar breast implant incision is at the edge of the areola.
  • The axillary breast implant incision is in the armpit.
  • The trans-umbilical breast implant incision, known and the TUBA is through the belly button.

Click here for a full explanation of these breast implant incision choices.

Implants Under Or Over the muscle?

The pectoralis is a large muscle that lies between the breasts and the ribs. Most people can flex this muscle with their arms, making their breasts jump a bit. 

Breast implants can be placed in front of the muscle, called sub glandular breast implants, behind the muscle, called sub muscular breast implants or partially behind and partially in front, called biplanar breast implants. If the implants or placed in front of the muscle they are directly against the breast. in my experience, this leads to less natural looking breasts and more difficulty with mammograms. 

Unless the pectoralis muscle has been damaged by previous surgery, I almost always feel it is better to put the implants under the muscle. This hides the edges of the implants, giving the breast implants a much more natural look. It provides a muscle brassiere helping to prevent your breast implants from dropping as you get older. The implants feel more natural and Mammograms are much easier to read.

Click here for a much more detailed explanation of sub muscular breast implants versus sub glandular breast implants.


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