Eyelift Plastic Surgery (Blepharoplasty)


Perception is reality. Fix lower eyelid bags and upper eyelid hoods and look young and rested.

If you look tired, angry and older that you really are, an eyelift may be the answer. Lower eyelid bags make you look older. Drooping upper eyelids make you look tired and even may make you look like you are not interested in an important conversation!

Eyelift are among the most commonly requested procedures in both men and women.

  • Upper eye lid: Upper eye lid droopiness tends to make someone look both tired and a bit cross
  • Lower eye lid: Lower lid bagging tends to make a person look older.

These problems can be corrected. The upper and lower eye lid have different corrections.

  • Lower Eyelid Correction:Lower eyelid bagging is usually a result of protrusion of the fat that naturally cushions the eye. There may or may not be extra skin as well. If there is only fat, the procedure can be done without any external incision. If there is both extra skin and fat, a small incision can be made just beneath the lower lashes and is usually barely visible.
  • Upper Eyelid Correction:The skin folds of the upper eyelid tend to increase with age. Drooping eyelid skin tends to make a person look tired and sometimes look angry. In women, it can double over leaving no room for eye makeup. This is corrected with an incision used to remove the extra skin and fat.

Laser Eyelift

Lower eyelid bags can now be corrected in most patients without any external incisions or visible incision scars. As a Laser Preceptor, Dr. Joel Studin has traveled extensively to train practicing Plastic Surgeons how to perform laser eyelift. He believes that this is one of the safest and most effective ways to correct this cosmetic problem.

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During consultation, your plastic surgeon will ask for your complete medical history. You must tell the doctor about any allergies you have, any medications you use or if you are a smoker.
You must give your plastic surgeon any information you may have about your eye health history. Please bring any corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses with you to the consultation. At this time, your plastic surgeon will give you the details of the operation procedures.

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