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Cleft earlobes from earrings that have pulled through are a common problem that can be fixing using corrective ear surgery. Most people have the wrong impression about how to prevent this from happening. They buy the “Best” earring that they can. Interestingly, solid gold is a very heavy metal. It is actually best to use the lightest earrings possible.

Very thin posts should be avoided as well

Think of a cheese knife to the ear. It is a thin wire that easily cuts. A somewhat thicker post will distribute the weight better and actually pull through less! Repairing cleft earlobes is a very short procedure under local anesthesia and I recommend re-piercing at about 6 weeks after the ear surgery.

Ear Surgery

Ear setback works wonders.

Patients can have this correction from age 7 on. The ears have achieved 90% or more of their full growth and at that age. Many adults who never were offered correction as a child also undergo this surgery. In a child, it is done asleep. In an adult, I can perform this surgery awake, under local anesthesia. A protective dressing is worn for about 5 days and a headband to sleep for 3 weeks.

Ear surgery can treat:

  • Overly large ears — a rare condition called macrotia

  • Protruding ears occurring on one or both sides in varying degrees

  • Adult dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery

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