Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

Do you wish you could have a flat belly and a narrower waistline, only to be put-off by the long recovery and the inconvenience of a tummy tuck with drains? You may only need a Mini-Tuck or SmartLipo Triplex Laser liposuction. A free consultation to make the right choice is an important first step. If you would do best with an abdominoplasty, a drain-free tummy tuck may be possible and Dr. Studin is one of the first surgeons in the New York area to be able to do this procedure for you. After a consultation, you will discuss what is best for the shape you would like.

Step 01

1 Hr Procedure

For most, the actual surgery time for a tummy tuck is between 60-90 minutes. After an hour or so, you go home.

Step 02

Pain-Free Recovery

During your procedure, Dr. Studin uses a long-acting local anesthetic to block the surgical area so you wake up with only minimal discomfort. Because you don't need much pain medicine, you feel much better. Starting your medicines before you leave recovery gets ahead of any future pain and recovery is easier than ever before!

Step 03

Beach Body Ready!

After two weeks at home, most can resume daily activities, including returning t work. Strenuous activities are avoided for about a month.You see most of the results immediately Most look in the mirror one day after surgery and say "WOW."

Our Proven Results

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