Eyelift Plastic Surgery


Fix lower eyelid bags and upper eyelid hoods and look young and rested. If you look tired, angry and older that you really are, an eyelift may be the answer. Eyelifts are among the most requested procedures in both men and women. Upper eye lid droopiness tends to make someone look tired and angry. Lower lid bagging tends to make a person look older. Upper eyelids are corrected with a small incision used to remove the extra skin and fat. Lower eyelid bagging sometimes can be done from inside the eyelid, without any incision at all. It depends on whether there is extra skin there or only fat bagging. Laser eyelift uses a laser instead of a scalpel and the bruising and swelling are less and the healing usually much faster. After working with laser surgery at Harvard, Dr. Studin traveled extensively to train practicing plastic surgeons how to perform laser eyelift. He believes that this is one of the safest and most effective ways to correct this cosmetic problem.

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Step 01

15 Min Procedure

Each eyelid takes only about 15 minutes. You are lightly asleep for this procedure, although, it is possible to do upper eyelids under local anesthesia only.

Step 02

Fast Recovery

Using the laser to make the incisions is a tremendous breakthrough for eye lifting. The swelling and bruising is much less and the recovery is much faster. Most patients report almost no discomfort and are able to stop any pain medication by the next day.

Step 03

Photo and Party Ready!

Most people are out and about one week after the procedure. Any residual bruising can be covered with makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

A long- acting local anesthetic is injected at the beginning of the procedure, so most people wake up very comfortable and need pain medicine only for the first night.