Facelift & Necklift

/Rhytidectomy & Platysmaplasty

Faster Surgery, Faster Recovery and almost no discomfort. Is it really possible? Yes.  A Minilift or Full Facelift takes less time to do and involves much less recovery time than ever before. The goal is to turn back the clock as much as possible without looking like you did anything at all. The type of facelift that is best for you is not related to how old you are. There are older people that are better suited for a mini-lift and younger people who need a more extensive lift, simply because they were unlucky and have severe skin laxity of the neck or jowls. This advance in facelift surgery involves less trauma to the tissues. Dr. Studin has used this technique for many years. A long-acting local anesthetic is used to decrease the need for pain medicine. Dr. Studin's system is designed to stop the pain BEFORE it happens. A mini lift usually takes only about an hour. A full face lift, a few hours. In most cases, you are out and about in a week looking great. 

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Step 01

2-3 Hour Procedure

After careful planning with Dr. Studin, the best procedure for you is planned.  A mini lift or full facelift takes from 2-3 hours in most cases.

Step 02

Fast Recovery

Your face is numb from local anesthetic during the procedure so you need less anesthesia to stat asleep. You also wake up numb, so you are comfortable. A modern medication regimen for a day or so will make your recovery easier than ever before.  You are home an hour or so after the procedure.

Step 03

Photo & Party Ready!

Most are out and about a week after facelift, with a bit of makeup to cover any residual bruising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Scar Limited Incision Facelift

The old style facelift had much more of a scar than Dr. Studin makes today. In some ways, the placement of the modern scar is the opposite of what some would think. We learned from decades of placing facelift scars around the ear and into the scalp, that the scar placed where the ear met the cheek would be barely visible. Dr. Studin plans the short scar facelift to make the incisions as invisible as possible. The incision is most often barely visible where the ear meets the cheek and at the edge of the sideburn.