Many people considering cosmetic surgery spend a lot of time and effort researching their surgeon and totally forget about the surgical facility and anesthesiologist. These considerations are all important.

Accreditation of our Long Island Facility

Our facility is accredited Class C by the AAAASF. This is the highest degree of AAAASF certification possible. The facility undergoes regular re-inspection. We believe that the redundancy of many of our systems helps us to far exceed the regulatory requirements and more importantly, the safety requirements.

The Staff

In addition to Dr. Studin, we have a board certified anesthesiologist present for patients who want to be asleep, a registered nurse responsible for overseeing the facility, a surgical tech and frequently a Physician Assistant (P.A.). There are additional support staff with many years of experience. Our goal is to make you as comfortable and safe as possible.

The Facility

The operating room, waiting area, scrub room, hallways, and recovery room must be built to stringent standards. Safety systems, such as power-failure backup and proper heat, ventilation and air-conditioning must be in place as needed in a surgical environment. Anesthesia and recovery room patient monitoring equipment are present.

Stringent adherence to Covid guidelines are followed for all of our safety.

With us you will feel like you are in a safe and comfortable environment.