Painless Plastic Surgery - Exparel & Pro-Nox

Now, you can have a procedure and be comfortable, and if you aren’t straining due to pain, post-op bleeding and swelling are dramatically less. You recover faster and the whole process is easier. You can even do injectables like Botox and Juvederm with minimal discomfort, using topical anesthetic, Pro-Nox, or both!

In the past, surgeons prescribed pain medicine after surgery. You played “catch-up” with pain medicine, hoping to control the pain.  During your surgery, Dr. Studin uses either Bupivicaine or Exparel around the surgery sites. Depofoam Bupivicaine, also known as Exparel, is the latest in long–lasting local anesthetics. This new formula delivers the drug in small carriers (balloons) known as liposomes. Once injected, the liposomes slowly dissolve and release a small amount of the anesthetic gradually, over days. Bupivacaine is not a narcotic, so it does not contribute to side-effects like constipation, itching and drowsiness. It just makes you comfortable!

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Painless Surgery

Step 01

Start Painless!

During surgery, Dr. Studin injects a long acting local anesthetic, so you need less anesthesia to stay asleep and you wake up numb and comfortable.

Step 02

Stay Ahead

Dr. Studin will have you start your pain medicine in the recovery room, while you actually feel no pain. Because it takes a few doses of oral medication to build enough in your system to work, if you stay ahead of it in the first few days  by taking it every few hours REGARDLESS of your pain, most never have significant discomfort.

Step 03

MUCH Faster Recovery!

People are back to activities in just a matter of days. Avoiding pain also avoids secondary muscle spasm from being hunched over and crunched up, that in the past, increased recovery time. If you can move about comfortably the days after surgery, you never get that secondary muscle spasm and you feel much better much faster.

Painless Injectables

Painless Botox - Painless Juvederm - Painless Voluma -
Painless Vampire Facelift and Hair Restoration

Step 01

Painless = Fearless!

Planning a little bit of extra time for your procedure, you can avoid most, if not all of the discomfort. There's no longer any reason to be afraid.

Step 02

Numb and Happy

Dr. Studin has the newest topical creams that work more quickly than ever before. Spend some time answering emails or reading, while the creams set in and numb the areas to be injected. The experience becomes a lot more comfortable this way.

Step 03

Pro-Nox The Extra Step!

For those that want to be as comfortable as possible, Dr. Studin is one of the few doctors that has Pro-Nox. This is a mild form of laughing gas that goes even further to make someone as comfortable as possible. You control how much Pro-Nox you need. You are not asleep with this treatment, and can even drive yourself home.


Pro-Nox For Injections
 The only device that allows patients to respond
to their discomfort and anxiety
when they need it!

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