Painless Plastic Surgery


Are you considering plastic surgery but worried about the pain and recovery time? Look no further than Dr. Joel Studin's practice, where we use the latest techniques to make your procedure as painless and easy as possible. With the use of Exparel, a long-lasting local anesthetic, and Pro-Nox, a self-administered laughing gas, you can expect minimal discomfort during and after your procedure. Say goodbye to playing "catch-up" with pain medicine and hello to a faster and smoother recovery. Even injectables like Botox and Juvederm can be done with little to no discomfort using topical anesthetic, Pro-Nox, or both. Trust in Dr. Studin's expertise and commitment to patient comfort to make your plastic surgery experience a breeze.

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Start Painless!

Step 01

Start Painless!

Dr. Studin uses a long-acting local anesthetic during surgery to ensure that patients wake up feeling comfortable and numb. This means that less anesthesia is needed to keep you asleep during the procedure.

Step 02

Stay Ahead

To ensure a smooth recovery, Dr. Studin recommends starting pain medication in the recovery room while you are still numb and feeling no pain. By staying ahead of the pain in the first few days after surgery and taking medication regularly, you can avoid significant discomfort.

Step 03

MUCH Faster Recovery!

Thanks to the use of long-acting local anesthesia and staying ahead of the pain, patients can get back to their regular activities in just a matter of days. By avoiding pain, secondary muscle spasms are also avoided, which can prolong recovery time. The result is a faster and easier recovery, with minimal discomfort.

Painless Injectables

Painless Botox - Painless Juvederm - Painless Voluma -
Painless Vampire Facelift and Hair Restoration

Step 01

Painless = Fearless!

Planning a little bit of extra time for your procedure, you can avoid most, if not all of the discomfort. There's no longer any reason to be afraid.

Step 02

Numb and Happy

Dr. Studin has the newest topical creams that work more quickly than ever before. Spend some time answering emails or reading, while the creams set in and numb the areas to be injected. The experience becomes a lot more comfortable this way.

Step 03

Pro-Nox The Extra Step!

For those that want to be as comfortable as possible, Dr. Studin is one of the few doctors that has Pro-Nox. This is a mild form of laughing gas that goes even further to make someone as comfortable as possible. You control how much Pro-Nox you need. You are not asleep with this treatment, and can even drive yourself home.

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Pro-Nox For Injections
The only device that allows patients to respond
to their discomfort and anxiety
when they need it!

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