Pro Nox

Anxiety-Free Injections and
Painless Plastic Surgery Is Now Possible!

Minor Procedures - Vampire Hair and Facelift - Injections of Toxins or Fillers - Laser Resurfacing

Pro-Nox™: The only device that allows patients to respond to their discomfort and anxiety themselves when they need it!


Pain and anxiety are a lot less likey with Pro-Nox™. Pro-Nox delivers a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture with effects you know as laughing gas.

This innovative tool is patient-controlled analgesia for easy in-office use that takes effect in just a few breaths, offering immediate relief. Use use what you need and no more.

Pro-Nox™ is trusted by over 3,000 offices in the United States to help ease pain and anxiety and transforms their offices into A Pro-Nox™ Comfort Zone. Dr. Studin has the ability to offer Pro-Nox™ with almost any procedure and allowing for anxiety-free procedures!

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Benefits of Pro-Nox™

  • Self administered with a demand valve for patients to control themselves

  • No need for opioids or numbing cream

  • Quick effect and recovery so the patient can drive themselves home

  • It’s Analgesia not Anesthesia!

  •  Visual and audio safety alarms

  • Support from the experienced CAREstream team to keep you safe!