/Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, or reshaping of the nose often called a "Nose Job"  has been one of the most analyzed cosmetic surgeries. While many plastic surgeons think of themselves as artists, the ancient Greeks taught us that the nose has to match the face. Its not about the "perfect nose." We don't want it to look fake! The goal of most Rhinoplasties is to achieve the right proportions, creating a nose that is both attractive and fits the face. Rhinoplasty can correct changes from trauma or undesirable genetic features. A skilled surgeon can improve your profile, resize nostrils, improve symmetry, and change nasal size in relation to the patient’s face. The procedure may change the size or shape of the nose's tip, the bridge or nostrils, the projection from the face and the angle of the tip.

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Step 01

60 Min Procedure

Rhinoplasty usually takes less than an hour. Whether to do it awake or asleep is a topic you should discuss with Dr. Studin. It can be done either way.

Step 02

Fast, Painless Recovery

After surgery, the nose is numb from local anesthesia and there is very little discomfort at all. After the first night, most don't need any pain medicine. A small splint is worn on the outside of the nose, and in most cases, there is no packing inside! You are up and about the next day, but taking it easy while the splint is in place.

Step 03

Photo Ready!

When the splint comes off, about a week after surgery, you see most of your new shape immediately. A small amount of swelling hides the last bit of the benefit and to completely disappear, it can take many months. You are ready for the public though, after the first week for most.