Vampire Hair Restoration

Vampire Hair Restoration, also known as PRP Hair Restoration in men and women is effective to reverse hair loss and restore confidence. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth is a non-surgical natural treatment. Dr. Studin has achieved great results treating his male and female patients. Vampire Hair Regrowth® has been featured on TV and in magazines and is popular among celebrities that have loved their results.

Vampire Hair Restoration is not hair transplant surgery. The procedure uses your own blood. A small amount is taken, and placed into a sophisticated separator, that isolates the growth factors. These are then used to stimulate your hair follicles to grow thicker and faster.

All PRP procedures are not the same. For the procedure to be successful, the growth factors must be isolated properly and carefully. Therefore, it is very important that the doctor uses highly sophisticated equipment and techniques.

Dr. Studin is certified to do this procedure. He uses a laser separator to assure that you get the most pure PRP possible.

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Step 01

30 Min Procedure

Vampire hair restoration takes about half an hour. It can be done with just local anesthesia or using Pro-Nox, which is a light version of laughing gas that allows you to recover so quickly you can even drive later that day.

Step 02

Fast/No Recovery Time

With a vampire hair restoration procedure, there is minimal, if any discomfort afterwards. Within hours, you can go back to just about everything.

Step 03

Be Social!

Unlike hair transplants, where there is a significant amount of time looking bad, with Vampire Hair Restoration, you are back to everything the next day and nobody will notice anything. The results happen over weeks, so unless you say something, no one will know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platelets from your own blood contain growth factors, cytokines, and proteins that trigger cell repair and regeneration, rejuvenate skin, helping you look younger and hair follicles for enhanced growth. Those growth factors give instructions to your tissue to regenerate and multiply. Many fields of medicine are now utilizing PRP for would healing to speed up recovery time and regrow healthier, stronger tissue.