Vampire Pro-Nox

If you are having vampire facelift or vampire hair restoration, Dr. Studin feels it is important, that you are comfortable for your procedure. Topical creams just aren't enough. Pro-nox is a type of laughing gas that you actually control yourself. You give yourself what you need! It can make the difference between a procedure that is unpleasant or a procedure that is a breeze.

Another key is that an automated separator is used to make the PRP. Making PRP by spinning blood tubes it's not the best way to do it. It is very dependent upon operator ability and fatigue. A laser- assisted automatic separator assures that the purest PRP possible is used. Dr. Studin believes that with people that had PRP unsuccessfully frequently did not really have pure PRP. He only uses the highly sophisticated automatic separator to assure the best possible results.

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Step 01

20 Min Procedure

Using topical cream anesthesia as well as local anesthesia and Pro-nox if you want it, this procedure takes less than half an hour and involves minimal discomfort.

Step 02

Fast Recovery

You are able to go home about 1/2 an hour after the procedure. Usually no pain medication at all is needed.

Step 03

Photo and Party Ready!

People are a little pink the day of the procedure. By that evening or certainly the next morning there is usually no Telltale sign that you had this procedure. Meanwhile, the benefits are already starting to appear.