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Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation

Permanent makeup is not a new concept. Some people opt for permanent makeup because they are allergic to regular makeup, other people because they think it looks better, and some, just to save time putting on their makeup every day. I have seen people helped greatly who cannot do a good job on their makeup because they have either severe arthritis or neurological problems where their hands shake.

Techniques and pigments have improved greatly over the years. The procedure is a type of tattooing called micro-pigmentation in which pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the skin using a type of pen machine or by hand.

Although permanent cosmetics can fade over time and require periodic touch-ups, they are considered permanent because the color cannot be washed off. In some people the results stay perfect for years. In others, it fade a bit and needs to be touched up from time to time.

Initial permanent makeup application typically takes one to two-and-a-half hours to complete, and touch-ups take significantly less time.

It is important to choose a well-trained person to do your permanent makeup. As with many salon-type procedures, poorly sterilized equipment, poor technique and rarely, allergies can lead to problems.

If you would like to explore permanent makeup for yourself or someone else, call us and ask to meet with Grace, our aesthetician. Grace has decades of experience as a permanent makeup artist. She can answer your questions and give you some great advice.


  • Shape and Trim Eyebrows

Upper Eyelids

  • Remove hair around the upper and lower lip

Lower Eyelids

  • Remove facial hair from all areas

Lip Lining

  • Remove hair from both armpits

Full Lips

  • Remove hair from bikini area

Other Areas

  • Remove hair from Brazilian Wax areas

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