This is an example of before and after silicone breast implants.

If silicone breast implants are placed totally behind the muscle, and no shortcuts such as partial coverage or dual plane implants are taken, then the result is almost always amazingly undetectable. Many people believe that breast implants have to look bad and feel fake. This is, in fact, often the case. Many surgeons do implants only occasionally and are hesitant to go for total coverage and wait with you while they drop into position. Experience proves that taking the extra care here really is worth it. There are a few keys to avoiding these problems and having breasts that look and feel real. After all, the goal is to have breasts that look and feel real but are larger.

First… the reason they call you a patient, is you have to be patient. If the implant is totally under the muscle, the edges won’t be visible, they will not appear artificially round and they will have a nice natural shape. Initially, since the muscle is intact, the implants will be compressed inward and upward, riding higher than they should. A few months of wearing either loose clothing or layering to avoid the need for a bra, and they will drop into position. Done this way, the implant is hidden behind the natural slope of the pectoral muscle.

The second key is a natural feel. Saline breast implants can sometimes be felt as implants. They are firmer and in some, you can feel the implant buckle in and out when you press on it. Silicone breast implants are usually undetectable to feel. Breasts enlarged with silicone feel totally natural in most cases. Only unusual formation of scar tissue would change that. Silicone breast implants have been re-released by the FDA since 2006 as they are felt to be safe. Interestingly, even saline breast implants have silicone shells, so all implants are actually silicone. See the link here for a more complete explanation…

So total muscle coverage, a little patience waiting for them to drop, and silicone breast implants will usually result in breasts that look and feel like they were made by mother nature.

These just don’t look like implants.