Smartlipo Laser Assisted Liposuction

In the past people dreamed about vacuuming away their fat. Today it is a reality. In the early days you could only take a little fat safely. Since 1985, a technique called tumescently liposuction raised the safe limits to five liters in most cases.  That is a lot of fat!

The latest advances in liposuction  helped solve the problem  of loose skin. Smartlipo  uses a computer-controlled laser to treat the under surface of the skin during the liposuction procedure.  This is a tremendous advantage as it helps the skin to tighten and conform to the new smaller you.

The Smartlipo Procedure


Smartlipo is a procedure that takes experience  and training to achieve the best results. It is done through tiny holes. The same wand serves to suction out the fat and laser the under surface of the skin. It is controlled by a combination of the surgeon and the Smartlipo  laser computer.

 In smaller areas this procedure can be done with you awake under local anesthesia. In larger areas, a short acting anesthesia can be used.

Smartlipo can take from 30 minutes to a few hours  depending on the extent of the procedure. Most people have little or no pain and can go back to work and even the gym in just a matter of days.

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