We have all seen science fiction movies where a scientist like Dr. Frankenstein puts a stem cell in a petri dish and miraculously grows a new body part. In fact, there is a lot of of stem cell research going on for some types of illnesses and for burned skin reconstruction. As far as stem cells regrowing your youthful skin, fat and collagen, that is another story.

A lot of advertising hype has appeared  lately about a “Stem Cell Facelift”. At our big yearly Aesthetic Surgery meeting in Boston,  Dr. Peter Rubin reviewed the literature on the so-called Stem Cell facelift. He noted that there is no regularly applied technique for this method. The”stem cell facelifts” being advertised are simply regular facelifts with regular fat grafting and don’t involve any special stem-cell work at all. He also stressed that there is NO DATA that this technique is superior to a regular facelift with standard fat grafting.

So, as of now, there is  “marketing hype” but no miracle lift to regrow your youthful skin. While we wait for the real-life Dr. Frankenstein to grow new body parts, the relatively easy mini facelift or laser resurfacing are still the gold standard. Sometimes you have to look at advertising claims carefully to see that while someone’s nose may be growing as they speak, it won’t be yours!