The Perks of Breast Implants. While recent studies cite injectables as the leading noninvasive procedure—in 2010 eight out of 10 procedures were nonsurgical—breast augmentations continue to be one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries. The number of patients choosing to get implants grew by 39 percent last year alone. Fueled by this growing popularity, breast augmentation surgeries continue to evolve too.

One of the most lauded advancements is for breast implants placed under the muscle. This innovative technique, is advantageous on a number of levels. The actual surgery only lasts about thirty minutes and is performed at a private surgery center—a plus for anyone with an aversion to hospitals. The short time and relatively small amount of anesthesia needed for this surgery helps you get up and about faster and feel better. Special postop techniques in medication make pain very unlikely!

Patients seeking to improve their appearance without much sacrifice to their social life or professional careers will benefit from the short recovery periods afforded to them by this under the muscle procedure. Patients can return to work in less than one week and resume exercise in two. With a rapid recovery ahead, patients are bound for a swift improvement in self-image.

Not every surgeon employs this short-procedure, rapid recovery under the muscle technique. It makes a difference in the experience, and the results are excellent.